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Men's sexual life is in their hands

Men's sexual life is in their hands

Older men who have less frequent sex and who are happy with results taking Viagra should certainly keep to Viagra. Some patients who do not get optimal responses to Cialis can discover that Viagra is more to their liking. In general, all three drugs work and the patients have to consult their doctors about finding the one that seems better for them and their sexual lifestyle. 3 drugs nowadays and others in diverse clinical trial levels has not only further enlarged the options of treatment for erectile disfunction, but also has aroused new muddle among physicians and patients. It escorts vacuum therapy and other medications and it is not difficult to get why patients and possible patients have questions. Comprar Sildenafil

For all practical purposes, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In measured circumstances in which the males are healthy, young, laboratory blood tests or such are normal one should seek the physical cause of their ed before treatment prescription since the disease process may be graver than the symptoms, and so on, the ed itself. Sometimes treatment of the primary disease can in fact exclude the sexual dysfunction. Yet, ed has other reasons among men as written in their laboratory tests and health history, that makes PDE-5 inhibitors a first alternative line. Choosing the proper drug is sometimes extremely unmanageable to do with no appropriate info on every medicine and a careful talk about the patient's sexual life and his mate. Comprar Sildenafil online

Let's discuss these three drugs advantages and disadvantages and the intimate conditions showing the purpose of one drug over others. The first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors Viagra was used to treat erectile dysfunction. It had been researched for over a dozen years before being open to the American public. It gives results in more than a half of all men with all types of ed, though around 25% of them feel that responses are not optimal. Comprar Sildenafil 50mg

While doing the studies on Viagra, the endpoint of efficacy was improvement in sexual function; still, all men in the Viagra studies suffered from ED, whereas other two drugs studies were based on patients who had had a deal with Viagra. Major drawbacks of Viagra comprise decreased absorption due to food intake. Empty stomach is required as half an hour is needed for absorption. The medicine needs about 1 hour for maximum effect, but loses a half of its maximal concentration every four hours. For erection you should do sexual stimulation. Of the three drugs, when concentration for Viagra gets maximal it becomes therapeutic. Side effects take in soft headaches, face-reddening, dyspepsia, unusual eye problems including a bright sight, a blue-green aura around the vision. Comprar Sildenafil 50 mg
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